Textile amber

Amber Shine is Baltic amber consisting bed linen label made from natural linen or cotton in combination with up to 25% amber fibers


You can slumber in the amber!

Amber has rich history and mythology, which dates back to ancient Egypt. More popular in fashion it became later.

Nowadays amber has become quite popular element in decoration.

Amber has high value because of its unique color, transparency and unique healing and regenerative properties. It has huge potential in fields of science.

Our product consist of natural linen, cotton or silk in combination with composite amber fibers are made from Baltic gold – Baltic amber (Succinitte), which is well known worldwide and has unique wide range biologic properties.

When amber is processed, its biological properties are preserved. Micronized amber – amber powder has larger surface area, which means – higher activity (in comparison with non-micronized amber). These characteristics are taken into account when composite fibers are manufactured in order to improve biological and physico-mechanical properties of composite amber fibers. The amber fibers are 8 patent protected.

Why does composite amber fibers are the best and why do you need them?

unique organic product that has no analog in the world;

- contains natural energy enhancers;

- has a regenerative effect on skin cells;

- fibers have smooth and soft surface;

- has natural color and transparency of amber;

UV radiation blockage;

- preserves the natural heat of human body;

- high water absorption;

- does not fade, keeps original color;

- does not cause skin irritation or skin reaction.

Raw material – natural amber is obtained in the Baltic Sea region. It has formed within 50 million years of fossilization from resin of pine trees. The technology to produce composite amber fibers has developed. It contains amber preparation – grinding up to nano-structured powder. Final particles are round with smooth shape.

Thanks to amber-shaped particles, we are able to produce amber composite fibers, preserving original biological properties of Baltic amber. Particles are evenly distributed in polymer organics matrix which is the basis of fiber.

We offer you products consisting of composite fibers in symbiosis of magic and science.

Technical parameters of :

Tensile strength 32,4 МPа

Elongation at break 42,5 %

Moisture absorption, 24h incubation 8,8%

Bending strength 75,8 MPа

Abrasion resistance more than 100’000 cycles

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